“Manly Girl”, “Leftover Woman” and “Green Tea Bitch”

Some feminists who are not in china might think that Chinese have a strong sense of feminism because women in China do not need to change their family name as their husbands’ after marriage. However, it cannot prove that feminism becomes widespread in China.

Nowadays, some rude names for women are made up: 女汉子Nu Han Zi (means tough girl), 绿茶婊Lu Cha Biao (means pretentious bitch), 剩女 Sheng Nu (means leftover woman) and so on. Actually, these women who are called “tough girl”, “pretentious bitch” or “leftover woman”, have their own opinion about how to be a woman and how to live their own lives. Only because the Chinese society and tradition already defined the meaning of a “woman”, and some women don’t want to follow these rules, they are mocked by others, even by some women.

Nu Han Zi refers to Chinese women who think and act like men. They are strong inside and don’t care any detail in life. They don’t put make up on, they don’t care what they are wearing, they don’t need help to change the light bulbs or carry heavy things. Their words are straight forward, sometimes not very polite. These girls never cry or show their weak sides in front of others. These girls are cute, and pure, but according to chinese traditions, their behaviors need to be changed. Their parents tell them they need to act like ladies, or they will never find a partner in their life. In their parents’ eyes, they will turn into “leftover women” if they still act like boys, and to be “leftovers” is humiliated for their whole family.




“Pretentious bitch” are also called “green tea bitch”. It is a slang in Chinese online community for girls who pretend to be pure and innocent but in fact are manipulative and calculating. The reason we call them “green tea” is because green tea is supposed to be clean, pure, quiet and sophisticated, which is the surface image this kind of girl wants to present.

How to identify a Green Tea Bitch?

Follow this check list:

  1. Green Tea Bitch normally keeps long straight hair with bangs or parted in the center.
  2. Skin color tends to be on the paler side. Most of them aren’t drop dead gorgeous, but not ugly either.
  3. Their favorite expression is to open their eyes wide and look at people (especially men) cluelessly.
  4. They like vintage clothing and accessories.
  5. Every time she meets you, she speaks in an exaggerated surprised tone: “Ah you lost weight! unlike me… I’m getting fatter every day”…
  6. When hanging out with friends, she’ll tell your guy friends that you’re very popular and a lot of men are interested in you.
  7. Green Tea Bitch has a lot of guy friends, they’ll change their female friends periodically.
  8. If you follow her microblog (Twitter or Weibo), you’ll find she’s kind of normal during the day time, after midnight, she start to write self-pitying tweets like “I’m such a loser…”, “I must’ve done something wrong to be punished by fate”, blah blah blah.
  9. If she’s hanging out with friends with 2 or more guys, she often stays until the end.
  10. You suddenly realize your boyfriend somehow friended her on facebook, they follow each other on twitter, he has her phone number… and they actually have a lot of chats and you have no idea how they even know each other, congratulations, you have a GTB friend.
  11. If GTB sees you have an argument with your boyfriend, she’d say: sigh… you know how he is… As if she’s the one who knows your boyfriend the best!
  12. When eating out, she takes 2 bites and says: “OMG I’m such a pig!”
  13. Their favorite lines: “Oh I’m so stupid!”, “Oh I’m so clumsy”.
  14. If you have a female friend, that you’re not really that close to, yet every time she sees your boyfriend, she tells him that she’s your BFF forever and your boyfriend needs to be good to you or face her fury… Yeah, that’s a GTB.
  15. “I like this book/movie/music…. too~~~ how did you know?”
  16. Always tells people she can’t drink, but always drinks “under pressure”, and always gets drunk faster than anyone else.
  17. They become more active when there’s a guy in the party, if it’s all girls, they’re normally quiet and don’t do much.
  18. Says the most hurtful things to you then says: “Oh I’m sorry… it just burst out”.
  19. When at dinner party, always sits next to a male friend, after 3 rounds of wine or beer, always has an arm around her waist, and still has the most innocent look on her face as if she has no idea what happened.
  20. Speaks softly and weakly, as if she hasn’t eaten for 3 days.
  21. Very good with make up, but all her guy friends believe she doesn’t wear make up.
  22. Always tells people that she’s shy, geeky or nerdy or dorky, socially incompetent, doesn’t know how to talk to people, gets nervous easily.
  23. Does weird things when guys are around to get attention but pretty normal when hanging out with girls.
  24. Normally has a bunch of “spare tire” guy friends, and they all have very distinctive functions: one will bring her lunch, one will help her with her homework, one will walk her home, one will fix her computer… She makes sure everyone knows she’s single, but always has a group of guys follow her around. And everyone believes she’s innocent and sweet.
  25. The final coup de grace: will NOT have sex. 


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Over 27? Unmarried? Female? In China, you could be labelled a “leftover woman” by the state.

“Scary. I’m one year older,” a “leftover woman” says. “I’m nervous.” –Why? “Because I’m still single. I have no boyfriend. I’m under big pressure to get married.”

In China, marriage always means settle down, especially for women. “Pretty girls do not need a lot of education to marry into a rich and powerful family. But girls with an average or ugly appearance will find it difficult.” Parents will arrange numerous “bilnd dates” for their daughter in order to make her marry to a high-paid man.





“Manly Girl”, “Leftover Woman” and “Green Tea Bitch””的一个响应

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